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Wedding Limo Tips

Are you ready to rent a limo for your wedding?  Check here first for some important tips and information about wedding limos and finding a good limousine service.

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Wedding Limos

Wedding Limousine Rental Tips

Nothing says “wedding” quite like a limo. Whether you’re talking the classic black stretch Caddy or a stretch Hummer H2, the vehicle leaves an impression on everyone who sees it. Something fun, something great, is going down. It’s no wonder then that limos always seem to be part of a wedding.

What people don’t know, though, is also the amount of research and planning that go into lining up these special rides for such an occasion. Not to scare you away from renting a limo for your wedding—that’s the last thing we want to do! Our goal is the exact opposite. We want to help you make that research and planning easy, so you can ensure that you will get the perfect limo for that big day.

When securing a limo, you want to ask three main questions. These will help you to narrow down your choices for what kind of limo you want. Later, we’ll deal with choosing the right limo company, but first, you can’t go to the store until you know what you’re shopping for.

Step number one, of course, is to figure out exactly when should you start this planning and research. Most experts will tell you to begin thinking limo within six to nine months of your wedding date. Cutting it any closer could severely limit your selection of vehicles, and leave you with a risky lineup of rental companies. On the other hand, don’t play it too safe by calling more than a year before your wedding. Some places may not even take your call.

Once you have the timing down, your next question should focus on price: what are you looking to pay? A typical wedding limo rental could cost you on average $200 to $400 for three hours, depending on your location. Fancier types, your antique roadsters, Hummers, Expeditions, and the like, could run you into the quadruple digits. On top of it all, expect to tip your chauffeur between 15 and 20 percent of the total at the end of the night. We’re talking cash tip, people.

We know what you’re thinking. You can’t cut corners on your flowers or your band, so why not save money on the limo by renting it for a quick hour. Not going to happen. Read back to where we said “three hours.” That’s because most companies require at least three hours of renting as a minimum to cover pick-up, drop-off, and all the time spent traveling in between. You will also pay for the limo to wait for you at the ceremony, after the reception, etc.

It may sound like you’re paying half the time for the limo driver to listen the radio, but think of it more like paying for peace of mind. Weddings rarely go off without a glitch. One of the bridesmaids loses her bouquet, the groom’s mother disappears, the receiving line backs up. You name it, it can happen! So you’ll want to request that limo for more time than you actually think you’ll need: at least an extra hour. On top of that, figure another extra half-hour to organize photos, and another half-hour added on per every 100 people in your receiving line. You stress about everything else during your wedding; don’t add another worry with your limo.

As for that last main question—what size limo should you get?—that also gets back to the first two questions, and your budget and tastes. The key is balancing both, and making sure that in the end, the groomsmen won’t have to be balancing the bridesmaids on their knees in the back of the not-so-stretch limo. In other words, no matter what type of limo you opt for, go with one that’s larger than you think you need. Why? Typically, limo sizes go on the assumption that every person weighs 150 pounds. Though many females will be under that limit, it won’t take too many American males to tip the scales toward crowded, hot, and sweaty. So never imagine, for example, you’ll be able to fit 10 people in a 10-person limo.

With these three questions answered, you are well on your way to planning and researching your wedding limo. Now on to part two, narrowing down your selection of limo-renting companies.

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