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Limousine Rental Tips

Are you ready to rent a limo?  Check here first for some important tips and information about limo rentals and how to look for a good limousine service.

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  Here we offer some helpful hints when looking to rent a limo, finding limousine services or limos. Below you will find a some limousine rental tips that have been put together with the efforts of limo owners, limousine services, and limo rental clients. Please remember if you rent a limo this tips page is only a starting point. All or none of these limousine tips may apply to you. It's always best to think about your own situation and select a limousine company based on your needs and standards.

Below you will find some tips to help you make your decision when you are going to rent a limousine.

Tips for specific limousine service types:

Limo Rental Tips

It's always a good idea to have the limousine service provide proof of insurance before renting a limousine.

What credit cards or other payment methods do they accept?

After you rent your limousine, have the limo service email or fax you a booking confirmation.

Did you rent a limo? Are you sure? If you have a preference for a specific type of vehicle, make sure you discuss this with the limousine company. The term limousine covers a large variety of luxury automobile types, from executive sedans to stretch SUVs and party buses.

Find out what the limousine service's policy is for cancellations.

Can you rent a limousine 24 hours a day?

Are the companies you are calling farming out the work to other limousine services or do they own the limousines themselves?

Can you rent a limousine for a flat rate?

Are there any discount rates for weekday or off-season limousine rentals?

Are there any limousine specials for airport to hotel transportation or vice versa?  Sometimes limousine services and hotels work out special rates.

Does the limousine service offer corporate discounts?

What type of limousine is required? Don't assume when you rent a limo that every limousine service has the same cars in their fleet!

What make and model is the limousine?  Most limousine services have cars that vary in age and quality and generally they will book the nicer cars for the customers who ask for them.

Perhaps you want to rent a limo bus instead of multiple limos.

Do you want an exotic limousine? (Stretch H2 Hummer, SUV limo, etc)

When you rent a limousine, what special features do you want?

TV, DVD or Phone in the Limousine?

Ask about free champagne in the limos.

Do you have any special requirements when you rent a limo? (Child seats, handicap access, etc.)

If you plan to smoke during your limo ride, make sure to ask about the company's policy on smoking in their limousines. If you are a non-smoker, make sure to inquire about whether they have non-smoking limousines, and if not, what their cleaning procedure is for smoke residue?

Is the limousine driver uniform formal or casual?

Will the limousine chauffeur meet you at the terminal or door?

If you rent a limo will driver assist you with your luggage?

Does the limousine service offer special packages for weddings, bachelor(ette) parties, birthdays, etc?

If your plane is delayed, what is the cost for the limousine driver to wait?

~ Miscellaneous Tips

Are pets allowed in the limousine?

Does the limousine service belong to any organizations like the National Limousine Organization?

How many limousines does the company have in their fleet?

Always mention USA Limos .com when contacting the limo service!


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