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About Hummer Limos

Are you ready to rent a hummer?  Check here first for some important tips and information about hummer limos and how to look for a good limousine service.

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H2 Hummer Limos

Hummer Limousine

H2 Hummer Limos have already been around the block for a few years, but they still can take your breath away when you see one rolling down the street.

They say that itís size that matters, and the Hummer H2s surely have the bulk to back that up. Any limousine service offering the H2 knows these stretch limos also pack a wealth of features inside to make any rider feel like a movie mogul or business tycoon. Some of the more jacked H2 versions feature as many as four televisions, with flat screens and DVDs players to add to your viewing pleasure.

The wide-open interior leaves more than enough room for a high-output stereo, surround-sound speaker system, and CD players. And whatís music without dancing? Thereís enough space in the H2 stretch limo for laser and strobe lights to give you the wildest experience ever inside of a moving vehicle. Some models even can have multicolor fiber optic lighting and a lighted disco-style floor.

H2 Interior

Youíll want to load up as many friends as possible to really get full use out of this mobile party center. The stretch H2 should be able to handle a dozen passengers easy. And it should have enough room left over to hold all the necessary party favors and tasty beverages of choice, including the crystal drink ware, sink, ice compartments, and bar to dish out these drinks properly.

When your friends want to recline and take a break from dancing, all of them can enjoy the leather seats, the mood lighting, and bar. Though once youíre in this Hummer H2, itís doubtful youíll ever want to take a breather and have the party stop. We hear from many limo services that they get hired just to drive around for hours!

As for the beast behind the beauty, Hummers are refined versions of the military Humvee troop transport vehicle, so there are no worries there. These vehicles pack enough power for an army, let alone a moving party. The larger H1s have their 6.5L turbo-diesel engine, but the 2005 H2 isnít that much smaller than its bigger brother. It comes standard with a 6L V8.

H2 Hummer Power

You need this monster engine to keep the H2 stretch rumbling along. Donít worry, though, about safety when this behemoth gets moving. The Hummer is well known for its stability, thanks to its width and high clearance. You may not want to take this stretch H2 off-roading, but its all steel and aluminum construction can take anything that the road, or your partying, can dish out.

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