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Airport Limos

You want to make your flight on time? Choosing the right limo service can make all the difference in time, comfort, and more.

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Airport Transportation

From Business-Class in the Air to First-Class on Land: Securing an Airport Limo

Airport limousines are the smart, cost-effective, and classy way to travel to and from the airport. Airport limousine transportation combines the convenience of a taxi, the reliability of having your own car, and the comfort of having someone waiting for you to take you to the next point in your travels.

Just think of all the time and money you can save by having a limousine pick you up at a foreign airport. Instead of waiting for a rental car, and getting lost every second turn your take in a new city on the way to the hotel, you could get picked up in style, without waiting and without even having to strain to drag your luggage around. During your ride to your hotel, instead of squinting at the map and burning gas, you can lounge in the back of the stretch limousine, prepare for your big meeting, or catch a catnap before the important conference.

The only difficult part about renting an airport limousine ó and itís no hard decision for a business pro like yourself ó is choosing among the types of vehicles out there. The key to deciding is to plan for the number of people in your travel party. For instance, here are three major styles of limo you can pick from, with their typical corresponding occupancy rates:

Sedan: Seats as many as 3-4 travelers with luggage.
Limousine: Seats as many as 8 travelers with luggage.
Private Van: Seats as many as 14 passengers with luggage.

Another consideration is price. Smart businesspeople know when itís worthwhile to spend a bit on something more to guarantee quality. That is definitely the case when choosing limousine services.

Never choose on lowest price alone.

 It could be crucial for your comfort to also ask whether:

The limo is smoking or non-smoking. For smokers it's a good idea to ask about the smoking policy to avoid any extra cleaning charges, for non-smokers that don't ask, your may be picked up in a smoky smelling limo.

Ask if the limo service guarantees direct service between the airport and the hotel. Some vans will fill up with strangers and stop at each of their hotels along the route. Let's say your pickup time is 6:30. That should give you plenty of time to make your 8:30 flight, right? Not if you make 8 stops along with way. Make sure to ask if it's a shared ride.

After you've finally found your stuff at the baggage claim, do you want to start hunting for your limo driver? The chauffeur should offer the classic meet-and-greet: The service where the driver holds the sign with your name on it at the airport terminal.

Do you need a multilingual chauffeur? It would be nice to have someone who understands you as well as the locals while traveling overseas.

Inquire when making your limo reservation about the logistics of your service rate. Many limo companies will have a flat fee for airport runs. Beware of companies that charge by time if you're within a 10 mile radius of the airport. What if traffic is slow?

Here's one that most people never consider: How much will it cost for your chauffeur to wait if your flight is delayed? Will you be charged extra, by the minute?

How much will the cancellation charge be if your flight never makes it to your destination?

Now that you're prepared, you're ready to search for limos >>>

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